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Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart 3 Piece 100% Cotton Sateen Comforter Set, Full/Queen (Belina)

Martha Stewart 3 Piece 100% Cotton Sateen Comforter Set, Full/Queen (Belina)

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Martha Stewart's 100% Cotton Sateen, Comforter Sets allow you to sleep among stylish hues in beautifully-detailed bedding inspired by Martha's Bedford House, Perry Street Apartment and Lily Pond and Skyland Homes. From delicate and understated, to intricate motifs and traces of distressed textures, these designs will be sure to refresh the look of any bedroom. Classic colors of blue, gray, white and soothing neutrals elegantly outfit many rooms while colorful indigo, lilac, perennial blue and sunny yellow add a breath of fresh air to the space. Brings a slight lustrous sheen for a stylish finish and tightly woven for durability making this the must have addition to any bed. The revisiblility of each comforter design adds the perfect palette to the master or guest bedroom and gives options to create home, sweet home. The comforter and shams feature knife edges for a clean finish. The pillow shams include an invisible zipper along the bottom seam to secure pillow fill. Made from cotton to enrich lives and safer for the environment as Martha Stewart's 100% Cotton Sateen Comforter Sets are sustainably made, Oeko-Tex Certified and Made in Green. Certified product textiles meet high safety, environmental standards, while A Made in Green product ID proves products have been tested for harmful substances. Sustainable processes under environmentally friendly and socially responsible working conditions are guaranteed under this certification when manufactured.

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