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Polder No-Touch Sensor Automatic Soap Pump

Polder No-Touch Sensor Automatic Soap Pump

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The Polder No-Touch Sensor Soap Pump offers consumers a hands-free experience when washing up or cleaning dishes at home. The pump utilizes a built-in sensor for touchless dispensing of hand or dish washing soap. By simply waving your hand under the spout, it dispenses liquid soap to wash dishes or hands. Designed to universally accent most any décor, the Polder No-Touch Sensor Soap Pump is designed for sturdy, reliable use in the kitchen or bath.

Battery Powered

The No-Touch Sensor Soap Pump has a generous sized 10 oz. (300 mL) capacity, and is easy and intuitive to refill. A translucent soap reservoir base makes it easy to see when liquid contents are running low. Simply unscrew the base to refill with liquid soap, then screw the base back in place and the soap pump is ready for use. A built-in power on/off button helps extend the life of the batteries and illuminates with each use to indicate battery power. The LED light eliminates the guesswork by alerting when the battery power is running low and it's time to replace. During this time when germ control is a focus of upmost importance, reducing the number of things you have to touch in your bathroom or kitchen is key. Let the Polder No-Touch Sensor Soap Pump provide you with the most hygienic solution for touch-free hand washing.

  • Battery-powered soap pump
  • 10 oz. (300 mL) capacity
  • No-touch, automatic design
  • Easy to refill
  • Power on/off button
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