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Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart 100% Cotton White Feather and Down Comforter Full / Queen

Martha Stewart 100% Cotton White Feather and Down Comforter Full / Queen

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  • 240 thread-count, 100% breathable cotton
  • 95% white duck feather and 5% white duck down
  • Corner loops to secure comforter inside a duvet cover
  • Sewn-though construction will make the feather and down stay insulated throughout the comforter
  • Light gray piping 

Feeling tired and groggy in the morning, even on nights when you’ve gotten enough sleep? Start by creating a relaxing bedtime routine while transforming your bed into an oasis with the Martha Stewart 100% Cotton White Feather and Down Comforter. Because quality sleep is more important than quantity of sleep, this 240 thread-count, 100% cotton fabric is breathable, feather- and down-proof, as well as super soft to the touch. The natural blend between down and feather provides extra comfort and warmth you need to fall pleasantly asleep.

The end-to-end-sewn-through box construction creates a secure stitch that ensures the down will stay exactly where it was intended to be. If you are planning to use this comforter with a duvet cover, use the corner loops to avoid slipping inside the duvet cover. Indulge yourself in the exceptional resilience of a healthy and uninterrupted night of sleep.With chic gray piping, it makes a stylish addition to any bedroom. 

This comforter is made using the FreshLoft® process which ensures that the feather and down material is clean of dust, dirt and allergens. In addition, Blue Ridge Home Fashions, the manufacturer, is certified by the American Down and Feather Council and committed to maintaining and improving the quality of down and feather products.

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