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ArtSkills Epic Lab Veterinary Science STEM Anatomy Clay Sculpting Kit

ArtSkills Epic Lab Veterinary Science STEM Anatomy Clay Sculpting Kit

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With this Epic Lab Veterinary Science and Art Kit, kids will be able to create and display clay organ models and learn how different animal bodies work. This Science Kit is packed with options for educational fun. Kids will build, sculpt and mold to set up their own Body Model. A Molding Manual is included to teach children how to properly sculpt each body part, as well as give them facts on the body systems they create!

Learn with STEM Kits

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. STEM Activity Kits combining these fields are stimulating for young, curious minds. Kids will learn to experiment, use logic, solve problems, think creatively, test their knowledge and complete hands-on projects. This is great enrichment for children, who will take these STEM skills with them into their education and their future!

Mold and Sculpt Clay Organs

This fun, hands-on science activity lets kids shape and bake organs from Bakeable Polymer Clay. Clay Tools are included to add details and to trim away excess clay. An assortment of 9 clay colors allows each organ to stand out, and can also be used to create special effects!

After each organ is complete, the 3 Body Models snap together to hold them in place. They're transparent, so kids will be able to display their creation and study it as a 3D diagram!

Learn the Human Body Systems

This STEM Science Kit for kids teaches children about mammal biology, skeletal structures and organ systems. They can learn about the anatomy of Cattle, Dogs and Dolphins. This kids activity kit also guides young veterinarians through the usual activities of the job, as well as how to study to be a vet in the future! This Kids Veterinarian Kit even includes a double-sided Poster with extra educational information.

What's Included?

This Epic Lab Veterinarian STEM Kit for Kids includes:

  • 9 Polymer Clay Packets
  • 3 Plastic Body Display Models
  • 3 Plastic Blister Organ Molds
  • 3 Plastic Mold Stands
  • 3 Printed Inserts
  • 3 Clay Sculpting Tools
  • Double-Sided STEM Anatomy Poster
  • Guided Activity Book and Instructions
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